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With the help of internet almost every body has the liberty to enter and trade in forex market. Trading hours of one market overlaps another market trading hours which has made it possible to trade in this market round the clock. Thats global forex trading for you. This global forex trading has allowed trader to trade in almost every currency. But one should have the knowledge about the currency in which he is trading, because it is hard to predict the fluctuations, and since the scenario is global, it will only going to increase the difficulty. Ankit Gupta ,Forex Trader explained global forex trading as a concept where one can clearly experience how profit and losses are determined based on demand and supply phenomenon.

While Global forex trading ,once the trader has gone through the understanding of currency pairs, the next step involves knowing how forex trends and indicators works, and with the help of that, trader should star working on developing his own strategies. While analyzing  forex trend indicators one can clearly see that there are lots of forex indicators available  but in actual one do not need to understand all of them. Its not advisable to try many indicators for prediction, it will only result in wastage of time nothing else. One should select couple of them to make his analysis part easy and more accurate. And these couple of indicators could be those which usually an experienced trader suggests or may be himself have chosen them.

Once you understand the theoretical part of understanding the technical indicators , its now the time to put them in use, for that  you will need a trading platform. A forex trading platform should be chosen with utmost care , a forex trading platform should provide live feeds from the global forex market, should have efficient indicators. In order to succeed in global forex trading every trader is required to pass through this prepatory phase , which includes acquiring a good knowledge of country’s economy,prevailing conditions, political policies which can have direct impact on the valuation of currency. You know, naturally, that currency fluctuations are the primary sources of trading opportunities and earnings in Global forex trading.

Ankit Gupta, a full time Forex trader and Analyst, recommends to get a strong understanding of trading techniques and concentrate on risk and reward ratio with the help of good online forex trading platform.

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